Why Voice Lessons Speed Up Your Journey as a Singer

There are many talented singers out there. For some, this talent came naturally. For others, they’ve worked hard at developing their singing voice. Either way, voice lessons will help accelerate your development as a singer. I’d argue this is true for a few reasons.

A good singing teacher can hear your vocal potential, and help guide you on how to uncover it.

So many clients come in wanting to learn breathing, gain range, or boost confidence. These things are important, but good singing requires more than just breathing properly. Balancing the rest of the voice technically is so important to your vocal health and stamina. The guidance you’ll receive from a good coach will be invaluable to you here.

Quality vocal instruction can help guide you in the direction of singing the type of music you want.

Everyone I work with wants to become a better singer. But, that means something different to everyone. Sometimes clients want more help with vocal technique. Other times they desire more help stylistically.
There are so many subtle nuances that help to make up a singers sound. A good teacher can help you grow both technically and stylistically. When these two pieces come together well, the sound that comes out of your mouth is so much more compelling. A good teacher can help you get there.

The most valuable voice lessons you ever take may not be what you expected.

Lessons often times are more than just singing scales and songs. They’re designed to help prepare the client for whatever is in front of them.
That said, one day we may find that we need to talk mic technique, or how to carry yourself on stage. We may discuss how to get over stage fright, or practice how to act during your audition. We may put some studio headphones on you and put you in front of a mic to get you used to recording. We may have you sing a cappella, or with an accompanist, or a track. Each come with their own learning curve. We may discuss sticking points, or habits that can be good or bad for the voice, helping you move past issues.
Long story short, your vocal coach is here to help you grow. Sometimes this is in ways you’d expect, sometimes in unexpected ways. A good singing lesson should include taking you out of your comfort zone and helping you improve. Because lets be fair… all change sits on the other side of your comfort zone.
Whatever your lesson involves, it’s designed to help transform you into singer you want to be.