Vocal Services

Private Singing Lessons

One-on-one private singing lessons that are tailored to each individual voice & its vocal habits. Lessons focus on vocal health & sustainability, expanding & strengthening the vocal range, breath control, vocal artistry & performance, and whatever specialty focuses (see below) the student may require. Read more about our private lessons here.

Specialty Private Sessions

Vocal Rehabilitation/Therapy – lessons for singers with minor nodules, who have undergone vocal cord surgery, or who need help with vocal cord closure and/or breathing after an injury. Should have visited an ENT and/or a SLP beforehand. Read more about vocal therapy here.
– Providers: Ken Taylor, Kirsten Kiwior

Vocal Health & Wellness Consultation – we discuss biological factors that may positively & negatively affect the singer’s voice such as allergies, post-nasal drip, reflux, eating/drinking/smoking habits, speaking habits, etc. May also assess the voice for vocal disorders before ENT/SLP intervention.
– Providers: Kirsten Kiwior
– See our Vocal Health & Wellness posts

Voice Science Analysis – using the program VoceVista, we analyze the singer’s resonance through phonation (the way the singer pronounces vowels & consonants). This also reveals (and adjusts, if need be) patterns in vibrato, pitch control, volume control, and extent of vocal strain.
– Providers: Ken Taylor, Kirsten Kiwior
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Recording Studio Preparation – before visiting a professional recording studio, spend a session in our amateur recording studio with Ken (both vocal coach and audio engineer) to get an idea of the engineering options available to you and what vocal manipulations you may need to make in-studio.
– Providers: Ken Taylor

Musical Theatre Preparation – audition, performance, or career preparation. Can include headshot/resume review, sheet music cuts, track editing, monologue workshopping, or of course, vocal performance feedback.
– Providers: Kirsten Kiwior, Saige Love

Group Singing Lessons & Workshops: Coming Soon

Group Lessons – A more inexpensive alternative to private lessons while still offering individual feedback. Each session is 12 weeks in length and limited to a capacity of 8 students. Each lesson is one hour long and will involve a brief explanation of a particular vocal principle followed by brief individual instruction.

Workshops – Occasional group lessons focused on a specific topic. May be lecture-based, individual feedback-based, or a combination of both.