The Importance of Posture While Singing

We as singers are unique from all other musicians.

We’re different in that our body is our instrument.

That said, when we alter the shape of our instrument, it greatly effects the sound we create. Posture plays a big part in this process.

So let’s discuss a few things you should be on the lookout for. 

Release Resting Tension

The first thing we want to be aware of with our posture is resting tension in the body.

The more we rigidly hold onto musculature, the more that hold will find its way into our voice.

That muscular rigidity also closes off valuable resonance space.

So, when you’re singing, make sure you’re free of tension in the body so that your voice can remain free and easy.

Maintain an Erect Posture with Shoulders Released Outward

The way we sit or stand while singing plays a huge part in the type of sound we produce.

If our shoulders are hunched forward and our posture is closed off, the resonance space we use to amplify our sound is lessened. This leads to a smaller, thinner sound, which is obviously less desirable.

This sound also often leads to singers pushing to create more volume.

So make sure that you utilize good posture, allowing your shoulders to fall out and away from each other while maintaining an erect, non-slumped over position.

Keep Good Head & Neck Posture

Finally, your head and neck posture while singing is key.

When you raise or lower your chin, you pull your vocal mechanism out of balance.

Even turning the head from side to side effects the sound in an interesting way.

Check out the video below for an example of what those sounds are like.

By now, it should be very apparent why posture is so important while singing. So be mindful of it over your next few weeks of practicing and hear your voice improve.

Happy Singing,


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