“I have to admit I was very reluctant about getting a voice coach… but with nothing to lose, I did. I thought if I only get a little better, fine… I couldn’t get worse. Two weeks later, I noticed for the first time a huge difference in my voice, in my control. Months later, I gained much more than I ever imagined. I understood my voice differently. I began singing with emotion from auditions to performances. Finally, I could understand how to use my voice. I learned how to make my voice do things I wanted instead of hoping.”

— Jared

“She’s the BEST! I am a VERY nervous, self-conscious singer. But from the very first lesson I felt at ease. I’ve taken many lessons with other teachers, and even minored in music, only to have impatient instructors who didn’t take the time to make sure I ‘connected’ to the lesson. But Kirsten is THE BEST, no exaggeration. I’ve learned more in just three lessons than 3 years in college. She has made me feel confident and comfortable every step of the way. She has a unique way of explaining concepts and ideas that makes learning very easy. She makes each practice practical. You can tell she really knows her craft and also that she cares and wants you to learn and understand. I am actually finding my voice without fear.”

— Bree

Ken Taylor was able to do more for my voice in the first session, then I have been able to accomplish for myself in 11 years as a singer. I cannot begin to explain how comfortable and confident I now am walking out on stage every night. Here’s to you Mr. Taylor, I can never thank you enough!”

— Shi, Lead Singer of Sore Eyes

I just finished my 3rd lesson with Sami and I feel I am already starting to make so much progress and learning even more. I love how she points out so many details in my singing and dissects it. I felt stuck with my last teacher and that I wasn’t making any progress. But with Sami I already feel like she’s helping take me to a new level and I am loving my lessons with her!!!

— Christina

Saige is an amazing teacher. She not only works on the best technique for me as an individual singer, she also makes it fun as well as educational. Saige is by far one of the best voice teachers I’ve ever had. I feel extremely comfortable singing in front of her and stage fright has always been something I struggle with. I always leave my lesson feeling more confident in my abilities and that is truly from Saige’s positive and supportive attitude.”

— Becky

“I look forward every week to my lesson with Kirsten. I have been to multiple teachers in the Orlando area and even out [of the area] and none of them compare to Kirsten and her teachings. She really listens to the voice and can pinpoint what needs to be improved within it and she fixes it…She combines professionalism with a friendly personality.”

— Gabrielle

Ken is absolutely the best vocal coach I have ever worked with.  The amount of progress I have seen since beginning lessons with him is exponentially better than any other experience I have had… I am a full time musician/vocalist for a featured show at one of Orlando’s major theme parks as well as for production companies in the area, performing a minimum of 5 days a week year-round. I have worked with various coaches throughout the years. I came across Ken via Brett Manning’s site, and after being a student of both Singing Success and Mastering Mix, I had very high hopes and expectations. I have been blown away with the efficient pacing of lessons, the unique customizing to my learning style and performance needs, and, most importantly, the results.  I have experienced much improved tone, more balance throughout my range, and recognition of the improvements from other performers and guests. I cannot recommend Ken Taylor enough, via the web or word of mouth.  His prices are excellent (especially compared to other Orlando instructors) and his commitment to vocal training and education shows up in my results.”

— Bradd