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Section 1 – The Breath**

Section 2 – The Resonance

Section 3 – Coordination

**An Update from the Creator…

As time progresses, we learn more about the science of singing.

Now, we know that the diaphragm itself is more involved in passive breathing, and less involved in singing (though there are studies that help back up the ability for us to control and use the diaphragm in singing as well).

The control over the singer’s breath often comes from the intercostal muscles. HOWEVER, the WHY we breathe in a certain way part of this video is very true, as is the idea of feeling a downward expansion while breathing. So I think this video is still very helpful. Just know that the science behind the diaphragm is still somewhat controversial.

TL;DR – The diaphragm may or may not be the main controller of the air in singing. However, the ideas in this video are still very helpful for great singing, so watch and learn from it all the same.

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