Pricing & Policies

General Pricing Info

Pricing varies depending on:
a) the experience of the coach AND
b) how frequently you’d like to take lessons.

We do have pricing to fit every budget. Our intro lessons are always discounted so you can get an idea for how future lessons would go before committing. Scroll down for more details!

Discounted Introductory Consultation

First time visiting us? Discounted introductory consultations are a benefit we offer for first-time clients.

This session provides you a stress-free opportunity to discuss your goals with one of our coaches and discover how he or she can best help you along your vocal journey. Then, you’ll dive into some singing, giving you a feel for how your future lessons will work. Simply have a song ready to sing and any questions that you may have.

Due to demand, intro rates are only offered once and will not be rescheduled nor refunded.

Intro with KelsieIntro with SaigeIntro with KirstenIntro with Ken

Continuing Lessons

After your intro session, we have a few options for you to continue your vocal journey. It’s also possible to switch to a different coach who suits your budgeting needs. All of our coaches deliver the same healthy, science-based technique – some just have more experience or in more demand and therefore are priced higher!

Read more about our teachers & their certifications here.

55-Minute Drop-In LessonsWeekly 55-Minute Lessons
Kelsie (Associate Coach)$60/lesson$200/month ($50/lesson)
Saige (Associate Coach)$60/lesson$200/month ($50/lesson)
Kirsten (Master Coach)$85/lesson$300/month ($75/lesson)
Ken (Master Coach)$105/lesson$350/month ($88/lesson)


All lessons are considered completed lessons. Rescheduling opportunities are available but limited.

No-call no-shows will not be refunded or rescheduled for any reason.

Lessons will begin and end promptly at the scheduled time. Due to scheduling and fairness, late time will not be added to the end of any lesson.

Once a payment goes through for a lesson, series, or package, it cannot be refunded. Two weeks’ notice is required to cancel auto-debit packages.