Padawan Progress!

Originally posted on 1/25/19

If you would’ve told me a few months ago that I would be getting paid to do what is basically my dream job, I would’ve laughed in your face!

But here I am, teaching singing to bright-eyed clients hungry for knowledge.

But getting to this point was not at all easy.

I’m a vocal coach in training, and since I love Star Wars (like, a lot), Ken and Kirsten have dubbed me their Padawan.

When I first came in, I couldn’t tell tongue tension from a hiked larynx. (It’s still kind of a struggle.)

But through the process of sitting down and watching Kirsten or Ken give lessons, rocker metal guy’s voice versus classically trained girl’s voice trained my ears to distinguish that different people have different sounds and styles.

Not every person is going to sound the same or want to sound the same.

“Marissa” might breathe out her nose while singing but have great cord closure. “Tony” has no trouble with air through the nose but has tongue tension – the possibilities are endless!

Adjusting and being flexible is the first thing I learned about being a vocal teacher.

Thing number two: not everything will be perfect.

Sometimes, you’ll mess up a scale you know by heart. Other times, you’ll spend 80% of the lesson laughing with your client at the noises you make.

Either way, no one is expecting you to be the best there ever was.

The third thing I’ve realized is what most clients look for when coming into a vocal lesson is someone who has a passion to teach – someone who is willing to try their best to get them the results they are desiring: whether that be a stronger vibrato, a better mix, or to hit higher notes.

Ultimately, clients look for someone who is able to both make them feel comfortable and have fun while singing!

So no matter what mistakes happen (whether you’re the student or the trainee!), it’s all a learning process!

I’ve learned to take the good, the bad, and the silly moments and run with them.

So while I’m still new to this whole process, my adventures with Sing Orlando have only just begun!

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