Online vs. In-Person Lessons

Online vs. In-Person Lessons

How are online lessons BETTER than in-person?
  • We record lessons! Often, singers can’t achieve the same things in practice as they did in their in-person voice lessons, so having both audio and visual recording from your online lesson can be extremely helpful in making sure you’re moving in the right direction.
  • The thumbnail gives you fantastic feedback! You can look at yourself AND your coach simultaneously to make sure that you’re shaping your mouth & vocal tract the right way.
  • Your pitch accuracy & relative pitch actually improve. In-person, you have the crutch of the piano to guide you while you’re singing scales, intervals, and melodies. Online, you have to really focus to make sure your pitch is accurate a cappella.
  • No commute! We’re close to downtown Orlando so you know how bad traffic can get there…
  • We get to know your pets.
How are online lessons the SAME as in-person?
  • We can accomplish the exact same vocal development as in-person. While computer/phone/tablet microphones are by no means recording studio quality, we can hear all the nuances in your voice through the internet just as well as in person – sometimes even better!
How are online lessons WORSE than in-person?
  • Yes, sometimes there are connectivity issues, delays, & “freezing.” However, most are very temporary. If they’re not, hanging up and calling again fixes the problem the vast majority of the time.
  • Your roommates/family may hear you and you may not want them to. BUT we have solutions!

Option 1: Pick a lesson time when they’re not home.

Option 2: Go to your garage or closet (clothes act as soundproofing)

Option 3: Sit down with your co-inhabitants and let them know that between x time and x time, you will be making weird noises in the effort to grow at what you love, and you would appreciate it if they would be supportive in that. (Yes, you can use that word for word. I know it’s gold.)

What do I need for online lessons?
  • A video conferencing program. We primarily use Skype because the audio quality is good, it’s easy to use, and recording & accessing recordings is easy!
  • Two electronic devices. One for your lesson, another to play accompaniment tracks. Yes, you can do your lesson on a phone, tablet, or computer. All will be equally successful!
  • Headphones are preferred but definitely not required.