Molly Jarvis


Molly has always loved singing and learning about the voice. She began researching voice science and pedagogy in high school to help her with her own vocal development. She continued the trend at William Carey University, where she earned a Vocal Performance degree and took additional classes in vocal health and voice pedagogy. Molly’s vocal performance history is vast: she has sung in choirs, a capella groups, church bands, and musicals. She’s even sung professionally as a worship leader and Christmas caroler. She performs regularly in local shows and considers herself a musical theatre nerd with an unusually large knowledge of obscure musicals. She loves to use that knowledge and experience to help her clients succeed in their auditions, whether its through stage presence, overcoming nerves, or finding the perfect audition song.

Molly is a huge advocate of vocal health and sustainability – it’s important to achieve the sound you want in a healthy way so it’s consistent performance after performance! She’s also passionate about helping her students sing what they love and feel confident doing so.

When not coaching, you can find Molly in a local musical production or spending time with her cat, Ophelia.


Genres: Musical Theatre, Contemporary Christian, Classical

Services: Audition preparation

Ages: All ages!

Experience Levels: Beginners

Tuesdays from 3pm-7pm

Saturdays from 9am-3pm

High energy! Singing is so much fun and lessons should be too! I’m so passionate about healthy technique and making sure my clients feel comfortable in their lessons.