Book Intro with Kirsten

Kirsten Taylor Kirsten Taylor BOOK AN INTRO! Please keep in mind, Kirsten conducts all her lessons virtually. ABOUT KIRSTEN ABOUT KIRSTEN Kirsten discovered her passion for singing at the early age of four when her grandmother brought her to sit in on church choir rehearsal. Little did she know that would spark a journey from […]

How to Overcome Stage Fright

Overcome Stage Fright

How to Overcome Stage Fright Sing Orlando coaches Kirsten & Ken answer the following question in their livestream: “I have bad stage fright. How can I get past my performance anxiety?” Stage fright gets in the way of many good singers. And it’s a shame, because it keeps them from enjoying something that they love.  […]

Get Physical – Vocal Technique & Movement

Get Physical

Get Physical – Vocal Technique & Movement This may sound obvious, but your voice is a part of your body. What’s less obvious is using your body in different ways can have a very positive or negative effect on your singing.  Coach Kirsten shares how your vocal technique can be affected by what you do with […]

Sing Smarter, Not Harder

Sing Smarter, Not Harder After over a decade of coaching singers, I’ve discovered one of the main issues most singers have is they use entirely too much effort to make the sound come out. Over time, this leads to soreness, tiring out quickly while singing, or even vocal damage. Instead, I want to help you […]

The Pollen Count Climbs

The Pollen Count Climbs True story: I got a standard allergy test a few years ago and my doctor told me that in his 40 years as an allergist, he’d never seen anyone who reacted so strongly to literally every allergen. He said he can usually recommend people move to the desert or tundra, but […]

Natural Allergy Remedies for Singers

Natural Allergy Remedies for Singers Allergies + singer = struggle bus. I’ve had allergies my whole life, to the point of just not singing in the peak pollen weeks of spring and fall. When vocal rest and tons of water aren’t enough, natural remedies are the healthiest way to go. Fortunately, most of these are super easy […]

How Allergy Medications Affect the Singing Voice

How Allergy Medications Affect the Singing Voice Allergy medications are sometimes a necessary evil for singers with allergies. However, the more informed you are about how medications affect your voice, the better you can prepare. Before turning to the following medications, I recommend trying natural remedies for allergies first. The important thing to note about almost all allergy medication […]

The Importance of Posture While Singing

The Importance of Posture While Singing We as singers are unique from all other musicians. We’re different in that our body is our instrument. That said, when we alter the shape of our instrument, it greatly effects the sound we create. Posture plays a big part in this process. So let’s discuss a few things […]

How to Access High Notes – Sing with a Mix Voice

How to Access High Notes – Sing with a Mix Voice I’ve worked with hundreds of singers over the past decade and nearly all of them wanted to expand their range. Everyone knows they want this skill, but so few singers understand how to get there. The simple solution to this problem is you must find your mix […]

Padawan Progress!

Padawan Progress! Originally posted on 1/25/19 If you would’ve told me a few months ago that I would be getting paid to do what is basically my dream job, I would’ve laughed in your face! But here I am, teaching singing to bright-eyed clients hungry for knowledge. But getting to this point was not at all […]