About Lessons

Our Philosophy

Singing is fun.
Lessons should be too!

Singing is fun. Lessons should be too!

There’s a stigma that singing lessons can be stuffy and intimidating. Ours are a lot of fun! Even though we’ll work hard in lessons, our coaches make sure the atmosphere is lighthearted and enjoyable.

Every voice is unique.
So are our lessons.

Every voice is unique. So are our lessons.

You’ll never have the same lesson twice. Similarly, you’ll never have the same lesson as any other voice client. Singing is a complex coordination of habits. Our coaches can listen to your voice and pinpoint what habits are holding you back and what to replace them with. Every lesson, we work on exercises specifically designed to help guide your individual voice forward.

Not your average voice lesson.

We go beyond scales, breathing, and songs. “Practice makes perfect” isn’t true; instead, “practice makes permanent.” If you’re just singing without feedback, the wrong habits are becoming permanent. Therefore, we’ll stop a lot in our lessons to tweak even the tiniest inconsistency so the right habit continues to build. This makes progress a little faster and more consistent.

Our Technique

Healthy, Sustainable, Effortless Singing

We focus on the latest science and biology of singing to bring the best vocal techniques to our students. Our Sing Orlando coaches are involved in international organizations that bring together top Vocologists, ENTs (Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctors), Speech-Language Pathologists, and Vocal Coaches to learn the most healthy, sustainable, and efficient ways of singing well.

Any Genre; Any Style

Our techniques are not genre-specific. Whatever genre (or genres) you’d like to sing, we can help you get there. While some voices are predisposed to certain styles of singing or even a certain vocal range, we believe that with time and the right guidance, anyone can sing any style or voice part (within biological limits, of course).

Our Lessons

Beginning: Warm-Ups

The voice is a muscle. If we’re going to “work out” our voice, we need to warm it up first! Often, we do one or two warm-ups that explore the entire vocal range and encourage proper breathing.

Middle: Voice Exercises

You may think these are more warm-ups, but they’re a little more intense than that. We work on exercises specifically for your individual voice. These aren’t meant to sound performance-ready; instead, they’re meant to carve a path of right action for the rest of the lesson and hopefully beyond. This is where old habits are challenged and new ones are created.

End: Song Work

Naturally, we hope to apply the vocal techniques of the lesson to the song you’re singing. However, we also go beyond technique. After all, a song isn’t great without style, interpretation, and emotion.

Our Clients

All Ages

Age is just a number! We regularly see students between 6 and 75 years young! That said, our lessons do require a lot of focus. Parents of students under 10 years old are encouraged to accompany their child to the studio for the introductory consultation. Afterward, the coach and parent can decide together if the student should defer lessons, opt for 30-minute lessons, or commit to full 55-minute lessons.

All Experience Levels & Goals

We love working with beginners, seasoned performers, and everyone in-between. Whether you want to record an album, perform on Broadway, or just sing better in your car, we can help!