Virtual Introductory Consultations


Prepare a song.

Don’t stress! It doesn’t have to be anything memorized and you don’t need sheet music. You can sing a capella, with a track, or you can pull up the song on YouTube and sing along with the artist with lyrics on the screen if you’d like. We just want to get a feel for what you sound like if you were just singing on a random day in your car or shower (we know you do) before we do anything or give any feedback. 

Have the Following Technology ready:

  • Any computer, tablet, or phone with Skype* downloaded on it. You don’t need a high-quality microphone or computer (but feel free to if you’d like to!).
  • A second device to play accompaniment/karaoke tracks. (You can’t use the same device to both play music and video conference, unfortunately.)
  • Headphones if you wish, but they are not necessary.

Contact your coach!

After downloading Skype and creating an account, click the link below that corresponds with your coach and send them a message so they can easily find you when it’s time for your lesson!
Coach Ken | Coach Kirsten | Coach Saige | Coach Sami | Coach Molly

*Why Skype?
FaceTime’s audio is good, but it is just for Apple products and doesn’t allow for easy recording. Zoom’s audio settings need to be adjusted before singing and require a few extra steps in sharing your lesson recording. Skype allows for easy recording & sharing, and its standard audio settings work well for singing, hence why we’ve chosen it as our preferred program! That said, if you’re having difficulties with Skype, please contact us at 407-289-8100 or email!

Send Your Coach More Info!

It’s always great for your coach to have an idea of your specific voice and habits before meeting you! Feel free to fill out this form so your coach can be as prepared as possible for your intro!


What to expect from the lesson:

First, we’ll chat about your goals and answer any questions you may have. Then, you’ll sing your song and we’ll give you a brief run-down of what we hear – essentially, things you do well and ways to improve. We’ll spend the rest of the time on exercises and concepts that will help you achieve your vocal goals. If there’s time, we’ll return to your song so you can apply these concepts and feel and hear the difference! At the end, we’ll chat with you about the best options moving forward, keeping in mind your budget, availability, and goals. That said, in certain circumstances, your best option may be working with a different coach. If that happens, it doesn’t mean your coach doesn’t like you! We’re all a family and want to find the very best fit for you. Once your lesson is finished, hang around Skype for a little longer – your lesson recording should pop up in about a minute. At that point, hover over the three dots next to the video and download it! Skype says it only keeps recordings for 30 days, but from our experience, it’s difficult to download videos after just a few days, so download it right after your lesson to make sure!

What to expect from the technology:

  • There is a delay. Therefore, you’ll need a separate device to play any music tracks on your end.
  • Most devices & programs only allow for one-way sound (meaning, the microphone and the speakers can’t work at the same time). So, instead of
    singing along with the piano on scales, the coach will play or sing first, and then you’ll repeat it.
  • To learn more about how virtual lessons are different, read our blog article here.


Please text us as soon as possible at 407-289-8100. (If we’re in lessons, we can’t answer the phone, but we can at least see a text pop up!) Due to limited coach availability, we cannot reschedule intro lessons more than once.

Well first of all, we’re SO proud of you for signing up to begin with! Congratulations on taking a step outside your comfort zone for yourself and what you love! That said, we really are nice. We’re not the stereotypical scary coach that screams at you for bad posture and tells you you’re awful. We’re quite the opposite – encouraging, passionate, helpful, and slightly ridiculous. Okay, very ridiculous. I know it’s easier said than done, but know there’s nothing to be afraid of. We’re rooting for you and excited to meet you!

Call or text 407-289-8100 (text preferred)
Email us at